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Natural Gas Rates


Indiana Natural Gas Corporation is a regulated utility, and gas rates are approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. The company cannot adjust gas rates without approval from the Commission. A copy of all rates, rules and regulations under which service will be supplied, is available for customers in the company office. 

                                                             RATE NOTICE 


Indiana Natural Gas Corporation has filed a Petition with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (Cause No. 45889) requesting an increase in its rates and charges, and changes in its current tariffs. This Notice is being provided to you in order to inform you of that filing and to indicate to you the approximate impact of that request. While each customer’s bill will vary depending upon usage, the company believes that this proposed change in rates will impact your bill by approximately 1.91%. Based on the expected schedule to be used by the IURC, any increase authorized will not occur before Spring 2024.

Indiana Natural Gas’ last increase in rates was authorized in 2014. In the past ten years, Indiana Natural Gas has made continual investments in its system to enhance and maintain service quality and system reliability. We are also investing in our employees to help attract and retain qualified individuals.


To the extent that you have questions about this rate increase, or about your natural gas service, we encourage you to contact the company at the address and telephone number shown on our Home Page. Alternatively, you may obtain information about this rate increase directly from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission in Indianapolis at telephone number (317) 232-2701.

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