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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is convenient, efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly. It is unbeatable for comfort and savings, and it is produced domestically.

What factors affect my gas bill?

Generally, the largest factor is the weather. Most customers use Natural Gas for heat, so the bill is typically highest in the winter. Other factors include the size of your home, and the amount of insulation and the efficiency of equipment in your home. The cost of gas from suppliers is another major factor. Indiana Natural Gas does not make a "profit" on the cost of gas. The Company is a regulated utility, and all rates are approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. 

Why do I still receive a bill in the summer, when I am not using Natural Gas?

There is a minimum customer charge to help offset costs incurred to serve customers whether or not gas is used during a particular billing period.

When and where can I pay my gas bill?

Click here for Payment options and information.

What about Natural Gas Safety?

Natural Gas is a safe and efficient energy source. However, there are several important facts that everyone should be aware of. Click here for more Natural Gas Safety information.

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