2017 Public Awareness Survey Results


Thanks to everyone who helped us out by taking our Public Awareness survey. Two hundred brave souls plowed through our questions designed to gauge their knowledge about natural gas safety, and the results show that when it comes to safety, our customers are pretty sharp!


The toughest 2 questions on the survey based on the number of incorrect answers were:


Which of the following can be a sign of a natural gas leak?


a. A bad smell sort of like rotten eggs.

b. A hissing sound.

c. Dead grass above an underground gas line.

d. Blowing dirt or bubbles in standing water above an underground gas line.

e. All of the above.


So…all of those are potential signs of a gas leak, and we were looking for “All of the above” as the best

answer. 85.5% of our survey respondents got that question right.


The other tough question was:


What is natural gas?


a. A liquid, like propane, that is pumped out to customers through underground pipes.

b. A flammable gas, mostly methane, which is carried by underground pipes to


c. The same thing as gasoline.

d. A non-flammable gas, mostly nitrogen, which is carried by pipes to customers.


84.5% of our respondents knew that natural gas is a flammable gas that is mostly methane. When

looking at the other answers, the first is wrong because natural gas is not a liquid under pipeline

conditions. Several people picked answer “d.” Natural gas is flammable, and is mostly methane, not

nitrogen. So answer “d” was incorrect.


Again, thanks to everyone who took part in our public awareness survey!